Feeling Fall? It’s Not for Everyone…

Fall fling or fling fall? Summer is over. Enjoy fall or enjoy complaining about it; we've done both.


That hot, sticky summer is finally over and now the fun begins. Or does it?

We’ve polled the team for tips to turn your autumn awesome. We collected a few observations and complaints along the way.

What We’re Drinking

The Negroni seems to be more of a warm weather drink, but with a couple adjustments, it can become a perfect cool weather cocktail. Just ask Micah.

I’ve been absolutely loving a coffee liqueur called Mr. Black. Not only is the visual identity well done, the product itself is excellent. I’ve been adding it to my Negronis to round out the bitterness of the Campari and add a little coziness.

Fall Negroni Recipe
Quick note on the classic Negroni recipe – 1:1:1 makes a one dimensional drink. We can do better.

1.5 oz london dry gin (I’ve been using Fords)
.5 oz sweet vermouth (Antica is the best)
.5 oz Campari
.25 oz Mr. Black
2 dash black walnut bitters

Sip on something else?

Daniel: I like a good apple cider, and my low coffee sophistication leads me to start leaning into hazelnut coffee around this time of year. 

Aimee: in my mania to detox, one thing that hasn’t had to get chopped is rooibos chai. It’s herbal and very autumnal.

Rosemary: Chai Tea Latte + Blonde Espresso (if you’re at Starbucks, add pumpkin cold foam)! Autumn cocktail: Lewis & Clark Cinnamon Whiskey, hot honey, orange bitters, lemon, hot water.

Dave: Goodbye gin & tequila. We’ll see you next year. Brown is in town for the cool seasons.  And, nothing says “Good job raking all those leaves today” like a snifter of Calvados or Poire Williams. Who knew drinks could talk?

Ben: I hate pumpkin spice more than anything in the world. The only thing I like about pumpkins is carving them – because it means I’m cutting them up and killing them.

Feeling Fall? It's Not for Everyone... 1

Katelyn: Another Mocktail! I made this on Friday and Saturday and know I’ll be drinking it all fall. It is a Spiced Apple Mocktail. I used this Organic Cinnamon Chai tea that I plan to drink on its own as well. I love that this recipe includes ACV for the flavor and kick it gives, but also the health benefits.

COMPLAINT: I don’t like fall because I never learned how to layer clothing the right way. Maybe it’s because I just never had the right clothes. I’m still unsure of how to be comfortable.

What We’re Watching

Jesse really hates the softer side of autumn.

Cozy this and cozy that. Forget that. It makes you soft. You should only watch stressful black and white movies in the dark. Turn your phone off too or else it won’t work. Here’s a short list of movies that will do the trick:

  1. The Old Dark House
  2. Cat People
  3. The Queen of Spades
  4. Drunken Angel
  5. Night of the Hunter
  6. The Man Who Laughs
  7. Laura
  8. The Unknown
  9. Shadow of a Doubt

Not quite your scene?

Daniel: I’ll be watching the full suite of Harry Potter movies in October whether I like it or not. Dan in Real Life is another fall classic in my household.

Rosemary: Hocus Pocus – it’s a classic!

Micah: I’ve been a Simpsons fan for decades (the real ones know only seasons 3 through 9). Every October I enjoy reliving the Tree House of Horror episodes. I watched them when they originally aired and it was always a big deal when they came on

Dave: Fall is usually when I rotate out a streaming service like Hulu for something more dignified like the Criterion Channel. 

Katelyn: I love watching movie series in the fall. I am currently working through Pirates of the Caribbean.

Aimee: I don’t watch TV anymore, but I might make an exception for Harry Potter and Hercule Poirot. The Schermerhorn tends to do creepy fall symphony experiences. I’ve been to HP and Coco there when the seasons shift.

COMPLAINT: Fall represents death and there’s nothing good about it.

What We’re Wearing

Feeling Fall? It's Not for Everyone... 2

Aimee‘s tip? Nike duck boots. 

Nike duck boots are perfect for fall in Tennessee. Waterproof, basically sneakers, and not something everyone else is wearing. I have the Lunar Force 1’s in olive, but there are lots of options – especially on stockx.  

A little less drip, please

Micah: I’ve been on the hunt for some classic Dickies like the ones I used to wear in highschool, and I found some, but they just didn’t look or feel the way I wanted them to. Thankfully I found some Volcoms that completely slay. I cuff them twice so my imogene and willie socks show.

Daniel: I usually wear jeans year-round, but so much of this year was so hot that I found myself leaving them in the closet most days. I’m looking forward to the return of my normal Canadian Tuxedo. I’ll also be pulling out my LL Bean duck boots. You can’t easily wear those in the heat of summer since they offer so little breathability. 

Katelyn: I’ve been going thrifting more recently and am gravitating towards long skirts. Fall is also my favorite season to throw on my Danskos

COMPLAINT: Allergies get worse.

What We’re Doing

You can take the Dan out of NY… but he might go back. 

Planning a trip to NY this fall. Not everyone realizes that New York ranks second when it comes to apple production, right behind Washington. I have a favorite orchard that I enjoy visiting, and they serve up some of the best seasonal pies. Their apple blueberry combo is almost ambrosial.

Can’t get to NY? How about the mall? 

Jesse: Getting an early jump on Christmas shopping so I don’t have to stress out at the last minute.

Dave: I make my annual pilgrimage to the Petit LeMans for 12 hours of world class IMSA endurance racing at Road Atlanta.  

Micah: Living in Bend, Oregon is pretty fun all year round, but when fall blows through, that’s when we know it’s time to shoot pumpkins out of a canon. Every year we go to Smith Rock Ranch for their pumpkin patch. Tons of things to do, but the very best thing is aiming a small tank downfield and shelling targets with small pumpkins.

Daniel: I’m thinking about taking my family on a short tour of the coastal South East – probably touching on the greater Savannah area, up the coast of South Carolina and maybe as far as southern North Carolina. Something about fall always makes me think of lighthouses, so hopefully we’ll catch a few.

COMPLAINT: Wet leaves on the ground are dangerous too because your rear bike tire could slip out from under you and then you’re covered in wet black leaves.

6 Word Story

Summer is over. Deal with it.


Dear Reader, 

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