Articles by Jesse

January 20, 2023
Is future proof really a thing? We think not. The future is rapidly changing – try future friendly as a framework instead….
January 11, 2023
Social media has become ubiquitous. Every year new platforms are created and humanity dives right in. Do we ever stop to think about what impact…
November 15, 2022
Here’s a common scenario: before you knew any better you had your website created and the developer or an employee set up Google Analytics. Now…
October 21, 2022
I’m a sucker for anything that takes a long time to reap. The appeal for me is the many years of tending, the precise process…
September 21, 2022
People frequently ask us to “SEO their website”, but we don’t optimize for search engines. Why? How many orders has a search engine placed with…
May 3, 2022
We frequently get this question and others like “Why does Google keep changing my opening hours?” and “Why did Google change my phone number?”. We’ve…

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