Business Casual

All work and no play makes for boring automatons rehashing business school concepts in increasingly meaningless ways. Here’s what keeps us sane as we try to prevent our intelligence from becoming artificial.

December 14, 2023
Dominate friend, family, and definitely foe with this hard-to-beat Scrabble strategy. You’re just 2 letters from victory. …
December 8, 2023
I once heard a pastor say that the word “BUSY” is actually an acronym that stands for: Being Under Satan’s Yoke. He was only joking,…
October 18, 2023
What do you do when a Broadway play steals your name? Complain bitterly into the void. …
October 12, 2023
Want to dominate family and friends at the Scrabble board over the holidays? These lists will get you there….
October 5, 2023
Fall fling or fling fall? Summer is over. Enjoy fall or enjoy complaining about it; we’ve done both….
September 1, 2023
How many 7-letter words (bingos) are listed in the online dictionary? 25,217. But don’t worry, here’s all you need to know to start racking up…

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