The Process of Making Caviar

I’m a sucker for anything that takes a long time to reap. The appeal for me is the many years of tending, the precise process of harvesting, and the thoughtfulness in the presentation.
caviar on ice

Beer, whiskey, wine, cigars, aged tobacco, fermented foods – and my personal favorite, pu’er tea. It almost feels like a virtue to create and enjoy something that takes months or years to make. 

This video is a little gross, but it’s so pleasing. Silently, respectfully presenting the process over the course of 12 minutes.

Author BIO
Jesse Palmer is a solution designer. He helps organizations find the best technology and practices to achieve their goals. He’s on a quest to help organizations be more innovative and productive. But Jesse isn’t in technology services—he’s in people. — Disclaimer: bio written by AI, may not be accurate
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