Should I take social media off my phone? 

Social media has become ubiquitous. Every year new platforms are created and humanity dives right in. Do we ever stop to think about what impact these applications have on us? 

From the possible security breach into our lives to the constant distraction (and degraded mental processing!) should we really have socials on our phones? Here are hot takes from a few members of the Love and Science team. 

It’s listening to you, tracking you, and wasting your time

Having social media on your phone wastes your time and definitely invades your privacy.

Yes, I think you should take it off your phone… it’s listening to you and tracking you. If it’s on your phone, then you’re probably also wasting a lot of time. – Daniel, VP Marketing

Social media robs you of real connection and context

How often are you in a room with family or friends and everyone’s looking down at their phone? 

I really believe social media can narrow your focus and draw you into an artificial world. People need to disconnect and be in better context with the world around them. Connect with nature, your surroundings, the people around you. You need the opportunity to develop your own view of the world and too much social media can rob you of that. – Dan, COO

Crazy zombie tribalism in a convenient portable piece of tech

Does anyone even look up anymore? What’s your echo chamber of choice? And can you step out of it long enough to safely cross the street? Have you seen all of the text neck and phone hunchback stretches out there? It’s an epidemic (or maybe even an apocalypse)!

Everyone is now a zombie, living in a crazy tribalism and rarely looking up. I recommend that everyone get social media off of their phone and take control of their lives. – Jesse, VP Solution Design

There are a lot of negatives

It might be hard to find someone who doesn’t think social media on your phone facilitates wasted time and serious distraction. But that doesn’t necessarily make it easy to actually take it off your phone. After this round up, Katelyn (our resident zoomer)  pulled the trigger! We’ll get her take on deprogramming soon. 

I think people should take social media off of their phones. Growing up online has created a space for constant comparison to unrealistic standards. Social media distracts you from your everyday lives with multiple notifications throughout the day and the guilt that comes with inactivity. – Katelyn, Production Coordinator

Designed to be addictive by people who don’t care about you

Social media is specifically designed to keep you around as long as possible and coming back as often as possible. Especially their mobile interfaces. Gestures are all about dopamine and hooked as tightly to the way your brain operates as can be. 

I don’t think social media should be on your phone. It is addictive and designed to be that way – especially on mobile. On top of that, you’re getting information that’s curated by people who don’t have your best interests in mind. People need to be more careful about the flow of information into their brains and passive scrolling on a portable device is not the way. – Aimee, Founder + CEO

In summary, take social media off your phone

There you have it! Everyone involved in our little round table had different reasons to limit social intake, but there was an unequivocal unanimous opinion that social media does not belong on your phone. 

What will you do with all your extra time and focus? 

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