Is the Future a Horror Show?

We took a few minutes to outline some predictions for the future. Uh oh!

Take the bull by the horns and prepare for or against our predictions for the future. Here’s what we’re thinking about, hoping for, and dreading (a little bit). The best is yet to come?

Humanity Wins

As people lean more heavily on AI, Daniel predicts we’ll see the pendulum swing back toward informal, folksy content that’s obviously made by humans. It’s going to be prized and prioritized by humans and search engines alike, allowing for real, authentic, human ingenuity to rise to the top once again. 

Wearable Science Fiction Facts

Soon enough, the days of holding a small glass and aluminum device in your hand will be gone. There have already been major advances in wearable tech thanks to AI integration, but that’s only the beginning.

According to Micah, as technology becomes smaller and more advanced, we’ll be able to fully incorporate activities as mundane as making a phone call into our brains.

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s implantable tech company, has made incredible progress in developing brain-computer interfaces and has generated broad interest in the integration of communication technology within the human brain. The idea of enabling people to call, text, or email through direct neural pathways is no longer relegated to science fiction.

Anti AI Factions & Related Jobs

Jesse believes a significant group of people will switch careers and actively seek out AI-proof jobs. This will be a new category on job board websites like Indeed.

These job postings will be a mix of apprenticeships and (surprisingly) social media managers.

Creative Strategy Resurgence

While organizations try to replace creative people with creative tech, they’ll begin to realize that without supporting, human-derived creative strategy, creative ideas will have nowhere to go. 

The bloom will be off the rose and, according to Aimee, orgs will be forced to lean into human strategic leadership to keep their creative output on the rails, resonant, and productive at the business level.

Future Proof?

Can you really future proof anything in today’s innovation climate? Prolly not.

Stressed Yet? It’ll Be OK.

By now, you are probably aware that we have a lot of ideas and opinions. Here’s a treasure trove of terrific potentialities. Think you know who predicts what? Prove it.

CYBERCHURN A new term will be coined which refers to obviously AI generated content (text & visual). Similar to the trend of clickbait like “Remember the blonde girl from Little House on the Prairie? Take a deep breath before you see what she looks like now.” This will initially be used as a derogatory term, but will become accepted and used in a neutral manner and will become a verb e.g. “google it.”

ROI OF FAITH Due to the massive ROI of media like The Chosen and Sound of Freedom, more faith-based media will be put in to production in 2024. Most of it will stink, but there will be 2 objectively excellent standouts, one will even be nominated for an academy award (it won’t win).

NEWS WITHOUT VIEWS A (mostly) non-partisan news media empire will rise seemingly out of nowhere. It will be wildly successful, but it will suffer many smear campaigns in its first year.

HAYSTACKS DISBAND WILLINGLY Marketing analytics platforms will soon evolve into a friendly and responsive conversational interface where one needs only to ask for a certain insight in a certain format, and out it will come; published dynamically in-context with other marketing tools where the need can be anticipated. No more looking for the needle.

PRIVATE PROPERTY? “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” Private property ownership is on it’s way out for the working class. And the wealthy will own all of the things.

BLURRED LINES In terms of trends, it’s becoming harder to delineate era’s by fashion or art. Things are blurring together so much that we’ll just exist in this indescribable catch-all. 

DISAGREE & COMMIT BE COMMITTED We’ll get in trouble if we try to take a stand against or for anything. We won’t even be allowed to disagree with someone else. 

AI AMORE Outlets for romantic human/AI relationships will grow exponentially. This will give rise to specialized sensory-wear, allowing humans to supplement AI romances with simulated physical expressions driven by AI. Eventually, external sensory-wear will be replaced by neural implants allowing AI to directly stimulate the brain’s pleasure centers. This will ultimately result in dramatically lower birth rates and the decline of the human species.

DEMS “SHAKE OFF” BIDEN & GO SWIFTIE The Democrat party will replace Joe Biden. In order to generate immediate excitement and make up for lost campaign time, they will draft Taylor Swift to run with with Michelle Obama in Joe’s stead. 

MEET YOUR NEW ASSOC-AI-TES Companies will start to introduce more AI-bots as “coworkers” and business hours will extend, with AI running the show after the humans leave (who gets the promotion?!?). 

WIN FRIENDS & INFLUENCE “PEOPLE” Humans will want to be around other humans and will take more vacations and go on more retreats. Younger generations will need classes to teach them how to socialize with human beings. If that even matters. 

LET GO & LET GOOGLE We will eventually lose all ability to see specific ad performance for ourselves. We will only see campaign-level details while being told which ads perform best/worst without any supporting metrics.

WFH DIES WFH will collapse, with people either returning to the office or being replaced by automation if they refuse. 

WFHFTW WFH will become even more widespread as companies discover they can save on office costs while also eliminating jobs through automation. 

ATTRIBUTION REGRESSES (PROGRESSES?) Attribution will never return, and all optimization efforts will be centered around overall engagement and top-line business goals. Probably the best thing to happen to the industry since the 50’s.

Is the Future a Horror Show? 1

Predictive 6 Word Story

Saw the future. Not that great.

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