ChatGPT not letting you in? Try this.

Struggling to access ChatGPT? Try this one weird trick, Playground.

This is a quick hack to get AI back into your life when ChatGPT is stonewalling you. My guess is many of you already know this, but I was totally unable to find this solution online when I was desperate, so after I figured it out I thought I’d share the wealth.

While it seems that essentially everything OpenAI is suffering at the hands of outrageous volume, when I’ve been stuck out of ChatGPT for days at a time, I’ve been successful at accessing Playground.

ChatGPT vs Playground

What’s the difference? Essentially, Playground is a higher order than ChatGPT, encapsulating its functionality and allowing for exploration of various OpenAI models. Playground is not as friendly as ChatGPT – it’s really meant for developers to test capabilities before integrating into their own products. But, it makes a great pinch hitter.

You’re Welcome

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