6 Future Variants of ChatGPT

The world is on fire over ChatGPT, but a big question remains: is it specialized enough? Let's see where some opportunities exist to really kick this AI thing up a notch.
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It seems like all anyone can talk about is ChatGPT. Everyone’s sharing their conversations and questions, showing new uses to automate their workflows, and losing their minds about the fall of man at the feet of robots.

Having messed around myself, it is fairly impressive, but I personally think it’s a bit too open ended. Here are 6 future iterations I would like to see in order to more tightly correlate responses to the user’s mood and desires.

1. ChatGPTeenager

This AI talk box helps parents prepare to interact with their children as they become teenagers. You’ll get attitude, lackadaisical performance, and cold shoulders often, but it’ll help turn you from student to (ChatGP)Teacher in the world of teenage dramatics.

Full disclosure, we’ve already started testing this one out:

6 Future Variants of ChatGPT 1

2. ChatGPTease

Feeling lonely? Test your game with this flirty version of the same AI you already know and… love. Get scintillating responses to your most pressing, personal questions – it’s going to be electric.

3. ChatGPTree

This one’s simple: don’t know what kind of tree you’re looking at? Describe the shape of the leaf, and get your answer. Looking to find the perfect privacy hedge for your yard? Toss in your growing zone and lot size, and boom: here’s your answer. It’s the perfect blend of digital and deciduous.

4. ChatGPTea

As it stands, ChatGPT isn’t exactly dripping with culture. Let’s kick up the class with British dialects and spellings, up-to-the-minute reports on the royals, and constant complaints about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Sounds like a great way to spend your “Spare” time.

6 Future Variants of ChatGPT 2

5. ChatGPTV

We’ve all done it: religiously watched a series only to be crushed by a trash ending (looking at you, Lost). This future variant allows AI to churn out data-driven improvements and alternate story lines to finally bring satisfaction to your season finales. Now we just need a more cinematic version of DALL-E to help take these plot lines from AI to A-eye.

6. ChatGPTears

Have you ever needed a good cry? Enter the world of digital depression with devastatingly dour takes on your prompts. Let AI take the wind out of your sails and open you up to a world of emotion like you’ve never thought possible before.

So there you have it: 6 ways OpenAI can take their product to the next level in the near future.

There are obviously dozens, if not hundreds more options out there that fall just below the top 6 (ex. ChatG-Ptza, which helps you build the best home-baked pizza possible based on the ingredients you already have), but these primary variants are the fastest path forward for AI and society on the whole.

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