Burn Out Of The Office & Into The Weekend

You've been working your butt off all week. Time to hop in the Trans Am and floor it into the wonders of the weekend.

Let’s face facts: even if you love your job, sitting at a desk all day sucks. If you have to sit, wouldn’t you rather be in your car, windows down and blasting some timeless classics?

Lucky for you, I’ve put together a raucous roundup of rock and roll hits that are sure to put you in the mood for 2 days of free time.

Loosen your tie, pull the T-tops, and peel out of your office parking lot in style.

Author BIO
Disclaimer: bio written by A.I. Daniel likes concerts (kind of true), cantaloupes (not true – honeydew FTW), and creating successful brands (true). Daniel went from college dropout (true), to Americana retailer (kind of true). Daniel is now a marketing professional (true) and entrepreneur (true) who guides small (not really true) businesses (true) to cool company status (I’ll take it). Daniel lives in Seattle (not true), occasionally flies to Inverness to smoke cigars with his dad (not true), and has 2 dogs (not true).
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