Name Your Play Love and Science. Cool Cool Cool.

What do you do when a Broadway play steals your name? Complain bitterly into the void. 

Why Love and Science the organization is better than Love + Science the play.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered competition for our brand name. We’re used to people approaching us to buy it from us, but this is the first time we stumbled across someone just deciding to use it. Enter Love + Science the play.

In an effort to differentiate Love and Science the organization from this theatrical interloper, here are just a few ways we are better than Love + Science the play. 

First, we didn’t have to steal anybody’s name.

Love and Science the organization was named to represent the way people are. Humans are both automatic and analytical. We believe that these two “opposites” are most powerful when they work in concert. We’re not the only ones that believe that (what’s up behavioral scientists?), but we’re the ones who named our organization after it…first. 

We sprawl more.

The play is described as “A sprawling drama spanning the decade.” Supposedly, it explores the difficulties of love during a crisis, the realities of scientific progress, and how to maintain hope in the midst of an epic struggle.

Love and Science the organization is a sprawling drama that not only spans more than a decade (as evidenced by our recent 12th birthday), it also spans the breadth of the country, with key members of the team on both coasts and HQ in Nashville, TN. Love + Science, the play is relegated to NYC.

None of us are played by actors, we’re just being ourselves. 

Though Micah was a foot model, Jesse was in Tiger Beat, Ben found a dead body, Aimee sang on a Victoria’s Secret commercial, Daniel’s portrait was painted by a famous artist and worn on countless t-shirts across America, and so on, we’re still by and large regular people. We’re also not based on anyone else, fictitious or otherwise. 

Our engagement isn’t limited. 

While Love+Science the play is only available May 26 – July 6, Love and Science the organization is essentially unlimited. As long as brands and businesses need help innovating, optimizing, and creating, we’ll be here. And we’ve had clients work with us for 10+ years. Soundly thrashing a 6 week stint!

Sure, we have similar logos, but do they have this? 

Name Your Play Love and Science. Cool Cool Cool. 1

Here are some historical versions of our logo, contributors include Greg Burgess, James Mathias, and Micah Jones (and apparently Aimee Romero, if Greg Burgess’ memory serves). 

Here’s Love + Science the play’s logo: 

Name Your Play Love and Science. Cool Cool Cool. 6

Okay, Love and Science is objectively better than Love + Science. Now what do I do about it? 

We’ve convinced you, eh? Here are a handful of ways you can do something about it. 

  1. Tell your friends
  2. Let us know how you feel
  3. Link to our website 1000’s of times with the anchor text “Love + Science”
  4. Write a letter to the editor or your congressman letting people know that Big Broadway is trying to crush the dreams of a scrappy team of creative optimizers who are just trying to help the world improve
  5. Subscribe to our infrequent emails for (very) mild entertainment and light education
  6. Don’t distract yourself from your business problems by going to Broadway, tackle your issues head on by contacting us today

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