Lyrics, Air Guitar, and the Power of Language

Persuasion is a many faceted concept. Just ask Aristotle. No amount of persuasion will convince me to like Steely Dan - maybe it’s the lyrics.

I like writing, but sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. In an effort to get me to contribute more articles, I was assigned 5 titles to write for. First in this series was: 

Top 5 Songs I Wish My Husband Would Stop Playing Air Guitar To

That would be a really short article. One, because I’ve never noticed my husband playing air guitar, and two because the only music that comes to mind is just Steely Dan.

I honestly can’t understand how anyone can listen to that band. I will say the drummer (Purdie – apparently there were a bunch of guys suckered into playing drums in that band) always makes me a little bit happy, but what else is there to enjoy? 

Not sure if any human embodies love and science more than this guy. He’s got an innate mathematical timing that is mind blowing, and one look at his face in this video and you’ll see inexpressible joy close to being expressed.

Seriously, have you ever listened to Steely Dan lyrics? 

Is this a drug thing that I’m not picking up on? Is this just one of those stupid things where they “care more about the music” and the meaning is non-existent and/or words are an afterthought?

It reminds me of this song by Italian artist Adriano Celentano where the words are just created to sound like English, but are simply gibberish. I’d actually prefer this, it’s less to ponder and feel enraged about.

Maybe if Steely Dan was pretending to sing in English rather than pretending to be human, I’d probably be okay with them. 

Deep Connection Requires Love and Science

While gibberish may be preferable to Steely Dan lyrics, the truth is words matter. They matter a lot. While it’s indisputable that people listen to music without ever recognizing the lyrics, there’s a lot to be said for the power of language. People are compelled by what they see, hear, and think. 

A recent study actually revealed that despite all kinds of hype around how little users read (check out the rise of video content, the phrase “a picture paints a thousand words”, etc.), language impacts conversion rate 2X more than design

I’m not saying that design doesn’t matter, or that music doesn’t have impact. I’m saying that these things work together for the good of humanity (audio is the #1 lift multiplier on YouTube, don’t just show users what to do, tell them). Which is why I feel totally justified in saying that Steely Dan is antithetical to the good of humankind. 

Lyrics, Air Guitar, and the Power of Language 1

Back to the Top Bottom Five Air Guitar Songs

I can’t even actually write the top 5 songs because I don’t care to know the names of the songs written and performed by Steely Dan. I’m forced to Google them now to recite a few of the lyrics I hate the most. If my husband were to play air guitar along with this text, my feelings would transcend “wishing.” 

Can’t you see they’re laughing at me?
Get rid of him
I don’t care what you do at home
Would you care to explain?
Who is the gaucho, amigo?
Why is he standing in your spangled leather poncho
And your elevator shoes?
Bodacious cowboys

Wow, just pasting those made me mad.

How mad are you? Angry I would sully the good name of your favorite band? Drop me a line. 

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