What To Do When Life Leaves You Uninspired

Sometimes life presents a long series of days, weeks, or months that leave you bored and uninspired. Here’s something you can implement to change your outlook

Many years ago, I worked a corporate job. My 4×4 cubicle was decked out with trinkets and photos of travels, post-its from coworkers, and an old-school SD tv that provided ample background noise throughout each work day.

But after a few years, a new feeling set in – I was completely uninspired.

How was I ever going to escape from this gray box, staring at the perforated ceiling tiles day after day after day?

Each day presented fresh project challenges which would provide some level of excitement, but the cloudy day feeling started to present itself more often than not. I felt stuck. How was I ever going to escape from this gray box, staring at the perforated ceiling tiles day after day after day?

You need motivation and inspiration. But how do you find it?

After a few months of recognizing my new morning routine, I decided it was time for a change. I needed to leave the nest of comfort for something more exhilarating; it was time for me to go out on my own as an entrepreneur and dive into the world of hand lettering.

But where did I expect to find the motivation and inspiration to take on this new challenge? After a decade of studying the same wall every day, I was lost on how to find it.

So I decided to go the traditional route – pen and paper.

My game changer: actually planning inspiring experiences.

I began by creating a list of memories where I felt I was experiencing something refreshing and exciting. New friend? Check – that definitely made the list. New city or country? No doubt. After spending some time in thought, I started adding experiences I hadn’t had at all.

What would it look like if I spent a full afternoon slowly walking the rooms of a museum, studying the intricate details of each work of art? I began to think about how new experiences could easily influence my art form and general lifestyle. How would challenging myself to a new hike make me feel? Energized and motivated? Or what about a new restaurant? Just thinking about the opportunity to not only study a new space and menu but also try new cuisine felt stimulating.

After an hour or so of writing, I had a full list of things that I wanted to experience again or try for the first time, and I was determined to get started as soon as I could.

You can do it! Here’s where I started.

Although I have since moved into a new (and exciting!) role with Love and Science, I still refer back to my list for opportunities to spice up my weekends and evenings. Spending the time to create a list for inspiration has been a game changer for me, and I hope that you’ll take the time to create one for yourself, too.

Ready to find your own inspiration? Here are a few of the experiences that made my list to get you started: 

  • Take a roadtrip with no defined destination
  • Try a new restaurant each month
  • Invite a new friend to coffee
  • Sign up for something out of my comfort zone – half marathon, new club, etc.
  • Rearrange a room (or rooms) in my home – possibly with a new coat of paint?
  • Write a letter to a friend
  • Spend a weekend attending open houses

Remember, this list should be invigorating, and at the least, a little bit adventurous! You deserve to live a life that makes even a 4×4 cubicle fun.

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