Win Wordle In Seconds With 5 Magic Words

Time for a new Wordle goal. Consistently solve in 30s or less using our new paradigm: Super Letter Spreader Speed Wordle

Daily Wordle goals. We all have them. We all know what it feels like to nail it, we all know what it feels like to succeed by the skin of our teeth.

  • Solve in six: kind of mixed – you almost whiffed, but you’re relieved you finally got it
  • Solve in five: kind of a downer – you know you could have done better
  • Solve in four: you can live with it
  • Solve in three: not bad
  • Solve in two: feeling pretty good
  • Solve in one: that’s the holy grail
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Wordle goals are largely based on the ability to efficiently logic out the answer. Did you pick a good start word? Did you think through the likely mix of vowels and consonant blends? Could you have picked a more efficient word on the second or third guess? And beyond those logic driven goals, sometimes luck and intuition come together in an extremely rewarding way, like: “I just had a feeling and it was right on the money!”

Your new mission: beating Wordle as fast as you can. 

But might it be time for a new goal? What if you just want to get to the answer as quickly as possible; like as fast as you can type five words into the Wordle app? Is that doable? 

If you’re interested, here’s the L+S guide to consistently solving Wordle within 30 seconds using a new paradigm: Super-Letter-Spreader Speed Wordle. 

Spoiler alert: this could potentially upend your positive feelings about Wordle.

Following are five words that use 24 letters of the alphabet. Everything but “Q” and “X.” They have been carefully curated for effective letter placement and if used, most of the time your solution will be inescapably boiled down to just one possible answer. 


*Yes, vozhd is a word. It’s some kind of Russian leader. 

After coming up with several sets of Super-Letter-Spreader Words (a bot assisted process) and testing them against 2315 common five letter words (another bot assisted process), the set of five words listed above led the pack. 

We also went online to see if anyone else had the same thought. And yes, there are other similar sets of words out there. We tested a good number of them, but the five we listed consistently performed the best. They locked our bot into just one possible answer about 97% of the time, and tended to do it pretty fast (within 4.4 words on average). By the way, on average they worked best when entered in the order presented above.

But what about that other 3%? 

For the most part, they resulted in two possible solutions. So if you consistently play our suggested words and keep track of your results, a wrong guess between two solution-words your first time around, will be corrected your second time around. 

We estimate you’ll end up with a win about 99% of the time, and you’ll likely get your wins within 30 seconds. 

For example, if the daily solution happens to be “CHILL,” and you try to get there playing PARTY, FLECK, SWING, VOZHD and JUMBO, the combination of green letters, yellow letters and gray letters will lock you into two possible solutions: CHILL or CHILI.

If you get your win playing “CHILL” the first time you face that choice, just remember to play “CHILI” the next time you face that choice. Using that approach, we estimate you’ll end up with a win about 99% of the time, and you’ll likely get your wins within 30 seconds.  

See it in action

Here’s a real life example on my way to a Wordle solution that took about 15 seconds (total time spent typing in the words and guessing the answer):

Win Wordle In Seconds With 5 Magic Words 1

Here’s another real-life example that took about 20 seconds:

Win Wordle In Seconds With 5 Magic Words 2

Good luck and happy Wordling!

P.S. – Don’t let this approach spoil your Wordle fun. You can always just stick with your own tried and true methods.

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