Merry Christmas

We're thankful for all of you. And we're here to help you navigate the holiday season.

Sometimes the holidays feel more stressful than they do joyous. One way to combat the holiday horrors? Better sleep.

Hit Snooze on Seasonal Stress

It’s no secret that Love and Science is made up of optimizers. What we didn’t know until earlier this year is that we’ve all been independently pointing our penchant for improvement at sleep. 

So we started Saint Pillow, a brand focused on hacking your way to restorative sleep.

Merry Christmas 1

Ready to sleep like the dead? Here’s a roundup of the teams’ favorite products to promote silent nights. 

Merry Christmas 2

One Ring to Rule Them All

Even strangers in the sauna ask me about my Oura ring. I pretty much always tell people it’s awesome, but not perfect.

There are annoying things to navigate, but it’s opened my eyes to all kinds of factors that I can tweak to achieve better, more restful sleep.

Read Aimee’s Review >

Clap On, Clap Off

Essentially unchanged since 1984, you can still purchase The Clapper (from the Chia Pet people, BTW). 

No need to grope around for your remote, accidentally knocking it to the floor. You’re only a clap or two away from blissful sleep.

Hit Memory Lane with Dan >

Merry Christmas 3
Merry Christmas 4

Safe Alternative to Ben’s Hair Brained Schemes

Despite my fear that BedJet may be stealing my wife, it’s an investment I’m still glad I made two Christmases ago. When my idea to rig a hairdryer under the covers was summarily dismissed, I turned to a more conventional temperature control. 

Jet Set with Lonely Ben >

Sleep Like the Dead

Official Saint Pillow “Rest in Pants” sweats for guaranteed* slumber (parties). *Not actually guaranteed. Get Cozy, Look Cooler >

Merry Christmas 5

And That’s Not All

We’re overflowing with recommendations! Here’s an abundance of additional objets d’arte (et de sommeil). 

Merry Christmas 6


Patron Saint of Soft Landings

Because we do what we do and we are who we are, we used our Saint Pillow idea to dig deep and develop some new tools.

Sleep Like the Dead

Ideation + Speed Branding

We had the idea, but it was only loosely formed. The team went into separate corners and pulled together mood boards, including audio, video, imagery, and concepts to provide the fodder for V1 of Daniel‘s brainchild – Nucleus, the in-progress, immersive seed from which the brand can grow.

Merry Christmas 7

Daniel summarized the vibe and created concept “commercials” and a sound mark (like a logo, but audio!) that really synthesized all the madness we’d come up with.

♫ Drift Off ♫

Listen close for that sweet sonic branding at the beginning of the video.

A woman falls into an incredibly deep sleep akin to the sweet relief of death. But there’s no rest for the wicked: her dreams are images of raucous Dia De Los Muertos festivities where the dead are dancing and partying.

Sleep Hard, Live Soft

Once we had that brand seed, developing key brand elements was fun and easy. Here’s our working USP. 

Live fully rested. Defy the norms of the sleep-deprived world. Your best night starts here.

Rest in Peace

Identity + Design

On the other side of our rapid fire brand strategy, we knew Saint Pillow and we knew who Saint Pillow was trying to reach. From there it was time to leverage that knowledge and start applying it. Micah brought the rubber to the road. 

This is a glimpse of Micah‘s process from start to finish with lots of failed attempts left out.

He knew he wanted a skull, so he started with basic shapes and refined until we were happy. Then he moved into typography until we settled on the end result which gave us the vibe we were after.

Special shout out to color ramps. 

Merry Christmas 8

Sleep Your Way to Top (of Your Game)

The real beginning of the brand started with Ben.

While we’re all maniacal about shuteye, Ben has his mom helping him prototype the ultimate pillow. It’s been impossible to get him to write even a single article for Love and Science, but he can’t stop writing for Saint Pillow.

And of course, he built the website

Stop Resisting a Rest

Merry Christmas 9

Misfortune Cookie 6 Word Story

Could not sleep. Christmas is canceled. 

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